Field Activation

Custom programs tailored to your business objectives.

Focused on ROI.

We co-created a powerful business insight tool called Benchmark. It was designed from the ground up for producers and marketers of beer, wines, and spirits. A system was built to your field activation with your marketing team. Benchmark not only collects data, but it also provides your sales and marketing teams with metrics and actionable insights.

Masterfully Executed, Carefully Measured

We break our programs down into Key Performance Indicators so that we know if we are achieving your goals. Learn more about selecting KPIs based on your brand’s goals.

Some of the programs we create include:

  • Survey Programs
  • Ambassador Programs
  • Assisted Sales Programs
  • Brand Launch Programs
  • Distributor Road Shows

Thoroughly Planned and Targeted

We achieve your goals by executing in the right place, at the right time, with the right people in the right way. Learn more about the “Bullseye Method” that we use to target key accounts.

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