Meet Our Managing Partner - Brand Activate - Field Marketing Agency

Meet Our Managing Partner

Feb 22, 2022

Nicole Pearlman, Managing Partner at Brand Activate, knows the impact field marketing can have on consumers. She started her field marketing career fresh out of college and was attracted to it because she saw how a well-crafted experience can impact a brand. 

Brand Activate helps clients create memorable experiences and connect with potential customers using a blend of human interaction, creativity and technology. Nicole was recruited by agency founder Triniti Gawthrop and was drawn to the opportunity to create unique field marketing events and experiences for each client. 

Starting in Sports and Spirits

When Nicole started in field marketing, she saw clients eager to connect with current and potential customers. At first, she developed and managed sampling programs before moving into experiential events. Her early experiential marketing projects included events for the NFL and NHL, among others. 

Nicole saw the spirits and hospitality field as a way to learn about all aspects of field marketing. She has worked for Ole Smoky Distillery, managing field marketing programs and recruiting and training field managers. Her time with this company and other beverage companies gave her insight into the logistics behind successful events. 

She rejoined Brand Activate again in 2013, helping entrepreneur and founder Triniti Gawthrop. Nicole became the powerhouse behind developing and executing national sampling programs for brands, a division that has grown to be the largest part of  Brand Activate’s business.

Finding Time to Give Back

As Nicole’s career with Brand Activate has grown, her responsibilities have grown, too. While she enjoys helping clients, she does want the chance to give back in other ways. Nicole would eventually like to travel around the world and dedicate more time to philanthropy. She is particularly interested in arts and culture and organizations dedicated to animal welfare. 

Using Her Experiences to Benefit Clients

Throughout Nicole’s career, she has worked with various brands creating field marketing and experiential events across the United States. The opportunity to travel has helped her better tailor each event to client needs. She knows that each area has its own culture and demographics, which shifts how brands connect with customers in different markets. 

Because she has experience all over the country, Nicole can help her clients tailor customer experiences, so they resonate with attendees. 

Reply All Carefully

One of Nicole’s pet peeves is being copied on unnecessary emails by people who abuse the reply-all button. 

Cultivating a Growth Mindset

Working closely with its experiential marketing founder since 2013, Nicole has seen Brand Activate grow, particularly with the recent introduction of Brand Activate Staffing. But she knows there is more growth potential in store. When asked where she sees herself in five years, Nicole stated that she wants to keep growing the company alongside the field marketing founder, doing what she is currently doing on a larger scale.

But she also wants some time to unwind and enjoy recreational activities. She lives in Woodland Hills California and loves being outdoors riding horses and walking her two boxer dogs through the unique scenery in the area.