Field Marketing Ideas for 2021 - Event Staffing

Field Marketing Ideas for 2021

Feb 4, 2021

January and February are one of the more exciting times of the year for marketing agencies and vendors. RFPs being sent out, countless pitches with amazing creative marketing ideas, and proposals being delivered IN PERSON!

Things certainly look different this year but in recent months we have seen an increase in field activation as states began to provide opportunities to safely conduct promotions. So we decided to take that momentum and build on it with an increased number of field marketing options and staffing solutions that continue to feed our hope for 2021. Here are just a few of the strategies and services that we are focusing on for our clients to kick this year off.

What is possible?

We know that field marketing and staffing for experiential continues to have severe limitations but our clients still have a strong desire to execute (along with budgets for 2021) so planning continues to move full speed ahead with the expectation of some normalcy and consumer trafficked events this year.

Brand Activate has been able to focus on three different areas of marketing service to support our clients during this time. Our warehouse and fulfillment center allows us to create, house and deliver POS for any activation ranging from virtual events to gifting and marketing programs. Our field staffing workforce is eager and anxious to get back to work. Lastly, a robust reporting tool to support retailers and accounts we can be used to support recent requests for account and consumer surveys and metrics.


Virtual, Gifting, and Execution (Warehouse Support)

With over 3,000+ square feet of available warehouse space we have several solutions to offer. From the standard shipping, storing and logistics we have offered our space and services to expand on a few different requests that may be of value.

  • Virtual Events/Conventions – Support your virtual events with tangible goods and offerings that can provide many functions for attendees. Welcome/farewell bags, conference lanyards, invitations, conference kits, and printed materials are just some of the materials we can create, source, and manage.
  • Gifting and Proposal Materials – As we learned during 2020 and over the holiday season there is great opportunity to return to direct mail offerings and sales support or messaging that can be delivered right to event attendees, prospective clients, accounts or partners.

Staffing, People, and Workforce

Brand Activate has curated a national database with close to 10,000 event staff workers, brand ambassadors, and promotional talent. We receive emails and calls daily with individuals looking for any work opportunities. While most executions have been small or limited, we have found some value in our clients having access to this database for some additional options.

  • Product Review – Our staffing database is perfectly suited to find and target specific demographics for product purchase and review.
  • Micro-Influencers – Looking for influencers that are affordable, but can still provide an impact to motivate behavior? Find out how we can deliver some great assets nationwide.
  • Temporary or Contract Workers – Our staff database includes all types of individuals with a diverse set of skills and backgrounds. We can help build teams or support projects with our recruitment team.

Account Audits/Benchmark

With the closure of many on premise accounts and the shifts to pandemic protocols experience in the off premise, market and account surveys are great way to determine when and how to reengage the trade through field marketing activations and connect with the trade in the most impactful way. By conducting market and account surveys brands can review and determine where their footprint was lost, lessened, or strengthened in 2020 and consumer surveys can create a path to engagement that is safe and effective.

  • Account Audits/Secret Shopping – This is great for retail support to check on product displays, merchandising, and/or compliance and it also allows for on-premise inspection of menu placements and back bar visibility.
  • Consumer Survey – Our database has a diverse group of staff and those selected for different survey programs have been able to provide helpful purchasing feedback throughout the pandemic.

How can we help?

Brand Activate is available and eager to help you and your company achieve your marketing and sales goals in 2021. Our team and resources can be ready at a moment’s notice to help support and achieve your marketing goals. Reach out today and let’s start a conversation.

We look forward to hearing from you.