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Planet Wealth

Dec 6, 2021


To activate Planet Wealth’s title sponsorship of the First Annual Digital Securities Conference in Austin Texas.

Our Solution

Ensure that everything that Planet Wealth did at the conference was “bigger and better” than everyone else at the conference. To do this we secured them the largest footprint in the exhibitors room, ensured there were “seat gifts” for all attendees at all team speaking opportunities, and we ensured the booth, swag and staff at the event were all exciting and engaging.

The Execution

We started with the booth, due to shipping and storage restrictions the 20 x 20 booth had to ship in 4 boxes or less and could not be delivered on a pallet.  TO make this happen we chose a “pole & fabric” booth that could ship in 4 hard cases but still had high visual impact, depth, and multi-media components. We wanted the “seat gifts” to grab interest so we mixed it up using humor, design and having a variety of items.  We used domestic only factories for this client to ensure everything would arrive on time for our tight turnaround.  We wanted our event staff to be digital currency savvy team members so we staffed a finance major, a crypto maven and technical specialist.  Our staff was well trained, engaging, and blew away the attendees.


Our execution resulted in 98% total attendee interaction and booth attendance.  This allowed the client representatives to make valuable business and media contacts.  The client was also able to connect with potential future partners and investors.