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Three Olives

Nov 15, 2021


Create and execute a sampling engagement that celebrates summer and the spirit of Rosé. Execution had to memorable but also scalable and customized.
Must include a staff training element and support sales in leveraging the sampling events to build new distribution and increase pull through.

Our Solution

Take the spirit of fun and whimsy that is Rosé and combine it with the goals of traditional sampling to create a consumer engagement that is unique, memorable and inviting. Restructure the execution timeline to include organized staff trainings with trade focused education and POS materials. Make it insta worthy and include elements that will excite consumers and inspire social engagement. Offer sales additional tools, support and real time reporting to best leverage the events in their market.

The Execution

The final program execution included booking, staffing, fulfilling POS and executing 650 events across 12 states. All POS was custom created by Brand Activate including uniforms, experiential items, print materials, consumer and trade giveaways and sampling materials. Additional focus was given to logistics when managing production teams and return POS items.


Benchmark’s proprietary training tool was used to train the promotional specialists on the brand and program details. In all, 712 staff members were trained providing a very positive trade response to the program.

Promotion accounts showed double the average case sales of non-promotion accounts

Promotions created 66 new accounts sold,

Promotion accounts ordered an average of 2.64 times in 2017 vs. a single purchase for over 57,000 purchasing accounts

Effective POS logistics management resulted in less than a 1% POS fulfillment error rate and comprehensive program management resulted in less than a 1.5 % error rate overall.

Consumer Impact

The program sampled 33,117 consumers, with an average of 50 consumers sampled per event. The photo interaction created by Brand Activate resulted in 25,647 consumer photos. The program training resulted in 913 unique social media engagements encouraged and facilitated by our staff.