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What is Field Marketing?

Jun 30, 2021

‌Field marketing is “in-person” marketing where the consumer, and the brand, interact live and in person. Field marketing covers a broad range of marketing activities, in person lead generation, building customer relationships, executing brand-building activities and sample products to new and loyal consumers. 

‌Types of Field Marketing

Here are some of the most effective methods of field marketing

Product Sampling and Demonstrations

‌Sampling and demonstrating products are two of the most common field marketing activities. People love to “try before they buy” allowing customers to interact with the product at the point of purchase which drives a very high conversion rate. This can work for new products, services, and for product extensions.  

While digital marketing is effective it can be difficult for companies to provide a true “taste of the product” through a digital ad. When a customer can touch, taste, and experience an item, it creates a personalized experience and expedites purchase decisions. 

Sampling and demonstrations are a “go to” for many companies because they offer the opportunity for direct interaction, the ability to answer questions in real time, and generally offer higher conversion rates than any other form of marketing. 

Guerrilla Marketing

‌Guerrilla marketing is a field marketing method that uses techniques and ideas to surprise and delight the public. It catches the audience’s attention and ensures the brand stays on their minds. Think of Colgate’s idea of putting toothbrush-shaped popsicle sticks inside ice cream bars or Jeep’s creative parking spots

Other successful guerrilla marketing techniques include: 

  • ‌Flash mobs
  • ‌Graffiti
  • ‌Treasure hunts
  • ‌Publicity stunts

Guerrilla marketing is often a low-cost method of field marketing, but it does take some time and creative energy to pull off. It’s also important to have an execution partner you can trust to research local laws and manage permit needs to carry out your campaign safely and legally.


In-Person Events and Experiential Marketing

If you want to paint a positive picture‌ of your brand, it’s best to do it in person. Opportunities are available at events like:

  • Conferences
  • Product launches
  • Concerts/festivals
  • Sporting events
  • Pop up stores
  • Mobile tours

These in-person events provide brand ambassadors with a unique opportunity for customers to experience a brand and marketers to control and clarify its message.‌

Street Promotions

‌Street promotions involve marketing activities in high-traffic areas. Tactics include handing out samples on a busy street corner and driving around branded cars.  Street promotions have the advantage of engaging lots of people at once — cast a wide net and you’re bound to land some fish. This method requires “boots on the ground,” so many companies use staffing agencies to carry it out.


‌Merchandising is a method used to attract in-person customers to purchase a product or visit a store. Merchandising can include many techniques, depending on the goal. A few examples include:

  • Window displays used to bring shoppers into a store
  • Positioning a product front-and-center where most people naturally look first
  • Placing clothing and accessories on mannequins to sell a look
  • Storing milk in the back of the store so customers must pass other items to get it

Marketers can partner with retail businesses to get their products featured and then conduct periodic audits to make sure the products are getting the treatment they deserve.

Brands That Benefit from Field Marketing

‌Almost any kind of brand can benefit from field marketing, but some tend to benefit more than others. The following types of brands typically find great success:

  • Consumer packaged goods
  • ‌Wine, spirits, and beer
  • ‌Health and beauty products
  • ‌CBD and cannabis
  • ‌Video games
  • Electronics
  • Pharmaceuticals

Field Marketing With Compliance Restrictions?

‌Some companies, such as CBD and adult beverage companies, are limited in how they can use field marketing techniques. Due to age requirements and other restrictions, these companies have to follow strict guidelines about where and how they market.

While they do have to be careful, such companies can still benefit significantly from different types of field marketing. For example, adult beverage companies can work directly with bar and nightclub owners to promote their products. Conducting marketing activities at venues that already check customers’ ages gives adult-oriented companies direct contact with buildings full of their target market.

A combination of techniques is best. When Brand Activate partnered with High West Whiskey, they used in-person marketing at trade and consumer events along with product sampling at curated pairing dinners and cocktail events. Results included doubled growth in two markets, improved relationships with event organizations, and nearly 25,000 customers engaged.


Let Brand Activate Be Your Guide 

‌Field marketing has the potential to take your business to the next level and beyond, but it takes an amazing strategy and field marketing staff. Brand Activate is committed to helping companies succeed in their field marketing journey. Get in touch today to request a quote.‌ 

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